How it all began…

Ever since I was little I was obsessed with movies. Most were age appropriate, some weren’t! The TV was my babysitter sorry mom. Watching movies like Matrix, Jurassic Park & Pulp Fiction I always dreamed of creating something special that the whole world would enjoy. I would re-watch my VHS tapes until they wore out. My parents spoiled me with a blockbuster video account and I’m so grateful for it. So, I’ve been a wedding film maker for the last 7 years, and it’s been the largest part of my life ever since. For me, nothing brings me more joy than physically seeing my couples smile when they say I do because every time I watch that clip again, I have the opportunity to relive the genuine love and joy that my couples share for each other – and to me, that’s the true essence of life itself!


Where am I when I’m not shooting?


But aside from my work as a wedding film maker, I have a few other passions too! Most importantly, my wife Alyssa and our 5 little Chihuahuas are the loves of my life. Whenever we have free time, we love to travel, go on adventures, drink coffee. I drink mine black.  During our downtime we foster for a number of pet rescues in the Monterey Bay. We love to volunteer our time to give back to our community.

It goes without saying we love dogs, I love Stouts, my wife is more of a Merlot and Rosė type of girl. We love nothing more than doing everything we can to put a smile on someone’s face. As spiritual people, we believe in the power of positive energy and throughout everything that we do, whether filming a wedding, volunteering within our communities, or spending time with one another, we’re dedicated towards making the world a better place.


5 Fun Facts about me

  • Love Black Coffee (hot or cold)

  • Easily listen to several podcasts a day

  • Big time dog lover.

  • Fav foods include Curry, Sushi & Brick Oven Pizzas

  • I went skydiving once. Not sure I would do it again!