"Moods" by Million Mirrors

"Unexpected Moment" by Feet on Water


Photos - R & R Photography

Venue - Paicines Ranch

Officiant - Vanessa Aless

Marlena & Miguel’s wedding was extraordinary.  If i could use just one word to describe this wedding I would have to say FAMILY. Family does not always mean blood relative. Something Marlena and Miguel know very well. There was a special emphasis placed on bringing their entire community together to formalize the special bond that these two shared.

The entire bridal party stayed at the ranch the day before rehearsing for the ceremony and setting up for all the events of the coming days. The bride's brother opened the ceremony with a terrifically poignant poem. Heartfelt and emotional his poem was a perfect choice to open the wedding film to.  I like to say I had it all planned out like that but as in most weddings you really don't know what story you are going to tell until the last frame has been shot. 

Thank you two for allowing us the opportunity to capture one of the happiest days of your lives.