When you book us for your wedding day, you're receiving much more than pretty video. We believe that nice poses, fancy cameras, and trendy edits are easy to come by these days, but it takes much more to produce something that matters. We believe that your experience should be fun, romantic, and adventurous. We work hard to learn your personalities, help plan your wedding day timelines, and provide an enjoyable experience. We're about real moments, true love, genuine smiles, and serious cuddles. 

Our shooting style varies on a scale between cinematic (where every detail and movement is planned) and documentary (where nothing is planned or placed, 100% candid). We create and capture moments for you by asking you to move and interact together in ways that allow us to capture your candid moments in a flattering style. Instead of playing fly on the wall and expecting you to look natural in front of our cameras, we give prompts and directions that include movements, words, and feelings. During portrait sessions, you'll sometimes forget we're right there. When viewing your finished film, you'll likely think something like "Woah, I didn't realize we could look so rad/adorable/adventurous/playful on camera." At least, this has been our experience so far!

Our editing style is inspired by heartfelt storytelling, understating who you two are as people, and applying tools such as character development and capturing your essence in its most flattering form we create a vibe without sacrificing true colors, accurate skin tones, or overall cleanliness of your films. We pride ourselves in producing images that will not look "dated" in 5, 10, or 50 years. We've chosen to edit in a way that resembles film because when film is correctly shot and processed, it is a true representation to what the environment looked like. We are not fans of filters or major color changes because we believe you chose your location based on it's beauty and it'd be a disservice to change that look drastically in your photos.



  • Head to our pricing page to get an idea of which package will be best for you.

  • Reach out via our contact form (the more info you give us, the better!).

  • We’ll chat, get to know each other, and cover all the details you need to know before booking.

  • Once we’ve chosen a date and general location, we’ll send you an email through our booking site to make things official!

  • As soon as you’ve signed our contract and paid your deposit, we’ll send over our thorough adventure wedding + elopement day guide, as well as any time-sensitive details like permitting requirements and vendor recommendations for your location.

  • We’ll spend the days, weeks, months before your wedding day messaging when necessary (or unnecessary; random dog photos are always welcome in my inbox) and planning the perfect, customized wedding day for you!

  • We’ll finally make your adventure happen - and it’ll be even better than you imagined.

  • You’ll go home with incredible memories, and we’ll go home with incredible photos. We’ll edit them to perfection, and then deliver them in an online gallery that will have you crying of happiness as you re-live your incredible day!

  • We’ll stay friends, you’ll come back to wherever you got married (or somewhere else epic) to hang out with us again in the future, forever and ever.